Welcome to ClickPoints...

a New WebApp That Connects and Engages Members in a Variety of Activities to Benefit a Common Cause!

Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Take Paying-it-Forward and Charitable Giving to a Whole New Level!

Social Network

ClickPoints exclusive social portal allows members to connect, chat, share, like, blog and engage in a variety of Pay-it-Forward activities to support a common cause.

Points & Rewards

ClickPoints reward system allows you to earn valuable Points when you interact on the website. When you click, share, chat, post or shop, you earn digital Points.

Pier-to-Pier Linkup

 The ClickPoints Pier-to-Pier Link-up allows members to connect with an individual or a family they want to support.


The ClickPoints WebApp allows members to Pay-it-Forward by transferring points to others. The recipient reciprocates and can Pay-it-Forward to someone else.

ClickPoints Exclusive Social Portal Includes a Variety of Features to Engage, Challenge, and Reward Members Based on Their Activities on the WebApp!

The overall objective is to engage and reward millions of members all participating in, and benefiting from, the Universal Law of Reciprocity - what goes around, comes around!